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Sanctuary Core Gaming System

SCGS is a new upcoming tabletop gaming system. SCGS Integrates cards as an inventory system for your character. And yes, play as an angry alien infuriated and maddened with revenge at an elder Samurai God! Chase your enemies on the backs of Dinosaurs! The choice is yours!


Check out the Academy!

The Sanctuary Core website has added on the Sanctuary Academy, a place where players can go to learn about the game. Once the game is more opened up, people will be able to add various house rules, or leave comments asking how things work.


Novemeber Update!

Just a couple small things! Novemeber 1st, 2016

So I try to update the website and post on twitter as much as I humanly can while simultaneously working a full time job, married, soon to be father and many solo hours grinding out recommendations and various testing notes. This process is long, been repeated and wears on the eyes after seeing it so many times over. I do apologize if any of you anticipate something new from me! I want everyone to know this is going to happen one way or another, I just get so excited and spew all sorts of new things we try in our groups, or various updates that I feel I have to show. It’s in all of this you see the raw game itself and some of you probably scratch your head and go “huh?!” Relic Star Games is the website in which I’ve created to publish the Sanctuary Core through. This website will be used for not just for the SCGS itself, but anything new we create (board games, books, apps, etc.) It will be the platform in which everything else will stem from. With that being said, I have used “the grid” to produce a website for the Sanctuary Core Gaming System itself.

To see that, please go here:

The SCGS will feature the “Sanctuary Academy.” A place where people can go to learn about the game. Once I get enough time to sit down, I will build an app that will have some amazing features that will enhance the player experience. Ive talked about this app idea a few times and to some of the players who I test with, they are all interested to see it blossom, but one thing at a time (why cant I magically sprout 6 more arms? At least one more head as well!…).

You will see the Academy blossom over the next few months as I open up the rules and let people fully take a peek at what the game is about and where it started from (oh the horror!!)

Quick update to RetroGameCon
I am sad to say we will not be able to attend RetroGameCon. Due to conflicts with my main job will be sending me away for training the week of. Not really thrilled about missing this, they had a great venue lined up and a lot of interesting things I looked forward to being a part of (one of those being a great open tabletop region where some games would be featured.)

If you do not know, Relic Star is on facebook and twitter!




August Update and New Traveller updates!

Sanctuary Core Gaming Update. August 14th, 2016

Hey everybody! I apologize about the anti-love given to the site here. My last update came from last years kickstarter update. To date, we obviously didn't make that goal :P. I got right back to work on it and focused on making it a much stronger concept.

I know a lot of people come here to look for updates to find the same thing posted. For that I apologize and always ask the people who look for updates to follow us on social media until the time the website and our game is released (at which point out website will be fully being used for game updates and releases.) With that being said, I do want to tell people to expect a website devoted to the Sanctuary Core. Relic Star will be host to all games and expansions we create.

What else has been going on?
A s*** ton. We’ve formalized the final tidbits of the system to make it more whole. The sections that received some love were character personalisations such as Virtue (and Vice Points*) and Skills. While skills had a lot of potential, they got revisited to see how they could be improved and with the help of Josh Taylor and Jayson Ambrose we were able to nail out what that was. A huge shout out to those two for the help.

Along with the testing come modules. I had intentions on releasing a module within the Empyrean worlds. But we have been testing a new card set that revolves heavily on the fantasy genre and more than likely these will be the first release of cards with a module. The process of writing the story has already started along with the map making, creature development and testing. As we buckle down on a story line we will focus on the testing and the wrap up of the rulebook which we feel is 96% complete.

We have focused on one set of cards we are using and will hopefully have those all balanced before the testing groups get their hands on it. We are working on a final redesign that will make the cards a lot easier to understand.

With the focus of cards we also have changed out “bartering” works. The group found it would be more unique for each world carries it’s own unique currency. For each world or universe players play, they may travel to other worlds where currency is often traded. All currency will be marked up against a universal currency that will tell a player how much it’s worth in comparison to other types of money.

App Development
Since I’ve previously dabbled with code a bit in college, I have wanted to sit down and start getting an app brainstormed for use during the session that everyone can use. It will function as a core rule look up and will feature all of the modules we release with monsters and stats. More on this once I have a platform ready. If people are interested in testing this for me, please I fully ask for feedback.

Free wallpaper!
If you missed it, we are giving away a free wallpaper to give you something fresh to look at! I made two sizes.

720x: https://t.co/UZ151htuao
1080x: https://t.co/Vpsz816OVC
Other News
I want to bring the game together for everyone and as many times as I have announced videos to show how the game works, we are actually going to get to it. With the card icons being drawn and the design down for the card types, we will be able to print a fresh batch of cards to use during filming (which is what we've been waiting for. I really do not like showing unpolished stuff, even though thats what we do (and as designers.))
So again, thank you for being patient and when it's ready, you are in for a surprise!